Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's been awhile...

Yeah, yeah, it's been a long time... whatever. When it happens that I actually think about blogging, just be grateful. :) It's been what, 5 months? Wow. Awesome. So.. Christmas happened? I think? Yes. Yes it did. It was AMAZING! P. and I feel so blessed to come from incredible families that love for us to visit and mooch. Christmas consisted of food, caroling (a favorite of EVERYONE), Les Mis, pedicures for the girls, and more food. Preston finally got to experience a Spjute Family Christmas Eve, and he survived. Pictures from Christmas Break:

SO, they're not actually very Christmasy, but Preston's got the better pictures on his phone. Then came January... we spent New Years at a CRAZY dance at UVU. Wow. It was awesome and claustrophobic. For sure. Again, there may have been pictures... I don't have them. February brought Valentine's Day, and the arrival of the worst season of all. Tax Season. Working at an accounting firm has given me sooooo much appreciation for smart people. And so much loathing for people with no common sense. I mean, really. On the bright side, I've learned some amazing things that will help me my whole life long, and now have free tax preparation for pretty much... ever. So that rocks. Somewhere around that time, Preston and I took advantage of our location, and went to a dance program put on by BYU. I don't know which dance company it was. But man, were they AWESOME! Look how happy we were!:
There were all different types of dances displayed, and all looked like so much fun, I was left to wonder, "what in the world am I doing with my life???" Anyway, it was fun. For some awesome randomness, around this time I got to babysit for some of our favorite people in the whole world. Meet baby C:
As if I didn't already want one! :) Sweetest and hungriest baby out there. Love that boy and his darling big sister. Sometimes I get random pictures like these to surprise me:
What's that? You're wondering if we're still in love? Wouldn't you be?!

 I believe somewhere in January or February something crazy happened in our lives. We saw the movie, Pitch Perfect. And I now have the soundtrack, and we own the DVD. We could not get enough of this movie. Thank goodness Dan loves it as much as we do. Dan makes a face just like this one from the movie:
And I think of him every time I see it. Classy. For sure. February also brought an amazing trip to California for Preston and two of our best friends from the mission. I think a video would suffice to show what a great time they had. For your viewing pleasure:
They're crazy. And I win best wife award for staying home to bring home the bacon. Alright. With March came Easter, and I took this opportunity to spend the weekend with my family in Boise. Preston couldn't get work off. I had a blast with a get-together at Grandma's, a hike to Jump Creek, a makeover, spending time with my brother Dan, and celebrating Easter. It was such a needed trip, and it was great to have the whole family together (minus Preston *sad face*), especially before Dan got stationed in California for the next who-knows-how-long. I sure love my siblings. I reeeeeally wish I could see them more often. These are the pics from Easter weekend. I made the drive by myself, and took some awesome pictures of the sunset on the way there while I drove. Not the best idea, but I couldn't resist...

This was at Grandma's Easter gathering:

Yeah, dead squirrel. Maybe Grandma ran over him with the garbage can? She's pretty strong. I love it when I get to see my cousins. We all grew up as best friends, and it's hard to be so far away. Later that day, we decided to go to Jump Creek. Out in the middle of nowhere. We got lost, but thanks to modern technology, we found it. And it was awesome. The weather was GORGEOUS!!! I was so happy for the sunshine after the crap Utah weather.

How is that first picture the only one I got with Dan even remotely in it the entire trip? Oh well. We'll visit him in California. Rex, just so you all know, has this HUGE bag of Dum-Dums. They're pretty entertaining. We'll sometimes get the urge to ask for one, but he's pretty much got at least three in his pockets at all times. It's hilarious.
April included General Conference (which was mind-blowing for me. I stayed awake through every session and took notes. Blessed day!), and with conference, there was a mission reunion. We missed a lot of people, but it was still great to catch up with others we hadn't seen in forever. I was kind of lost without Sandy. Pathetic. But it was a fun time, for sure.

We ADORE President and Sister Anderson. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
April also brought some bitter with its sweet. Tax Day. I was at work until 10:30 that night. Truth. And got a nice fat paycheck for my troubles! Some more sweetness came when Preston's mom and stepdad were able to get sealed in the St. George temple. We were grateful they got married so close so we could be there!
Almost all of Julie's siblings made it to support her, and what a CRAZY bunch they are! We went to bed super late every night of our "vacation" down to St. George.
Mom Julie. Twins. Basically.
 Aunt Linda with our matching glasses. :)

What a gorgeous temple. And BEAUTIFUL weather. Mmm, mmm, mmm... love me some sunshine!

The next day (Sunday), we went up to Salt Lake City, because Julie's sister, Janet, was "graduating" from MoTab. They do this whole big shindig with a synopsis of each graduating member, and you learn a little bit more about MoTab. So we watched Music and the Spoken Word beforehand, which was AWESOME. "Consider the Lilies," was perfect. Then the prophet came onstage while a tribute to the graduates was read. They were awarded a sweet plaque, and got to have their picture taken with Mack Wilburg and the Prophet. What neat experience! After it's all over, the choir sings to the graduates, "God Be With You Til We Meet Again," and everyone cries. Everyone. I cried because that song makes me think of my last Sunday in the Philippines when the Relief Society sang it to me. Talk about a bawl baby. There was a neat spirit there though. Pictures:

Who's that? Oh, Elder Scott? Yes. Yes it is. After that whole thing we went back to someone's condo right across the street from temple square (sweet sauce), and ate food and visited with relatives. Isn't Grandpa cute???
We stayed in a hotel that night in Salt Lake with Julie, Channing, and Preston's brother, Jordon, who was visiting from Texas. Well, when the Trebas Boyz get together, there has to be gaming. Yes, we brought our computer on this whole trip. Not laptop, computer. They played til the wee hours of the morning. And it was way fun. We SLEPT IN!!! ON A MONDAY! It was beautiful. Truly. I was grateful to have a recovery day before I had to go back to work.

That next week, spring finally arrived. Thank goodness. I was about to start ripping my hair out with the cold, and the rain, and the snow. And all of a sudden, things were so pretty outside! Preston and I had to clean the church one Saturday morning, and I took these walking on the way home:

Real colors! Instead of grey and... greyer... :) I'm so happy for sunshine. I hope you enjoyed this post. Summer will probably be over by the time I post again, and I'll have to tell you all about our cruise and Sandy's wedding. Hooray! Love to everyone everywhere!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've been feeling very introspective lately. A lot has been going on in our lives, and this is going to be one of those "serious" posts that no one reads. It's just easier for me to find some peace of mind if I can get my thoughts out of my head and written down *typed* somewhere. It's not pretty, and it's not fun, so feel free to click the little 'x' in the corner right now.

Aside from all the happy things that  happened this summer, I want to share something not so happy.

July 17th, after trying for a few months, that gross little stick had two lines. I was pregnant. I was growing a human. We were overjoyed.

We told our immediate family at about 8 weeks, and they shared our joy.

We started to tell some friends at about 9 weeks, and they also shared our joy.

Even though I wasn't showing, I started to love my baby, as much as a person can love someone they've never met.

We made plans. We shared hopes. We dreamed dreams.

Week ten, September 9th. I started to bleed. And bleed some more. I started to cramp. And cramp some more. More pain than I've ever felt.

2am, September 10th, we went the emergency room. Blessed morphine saved my sanity.

Had an ultrasound.

I already knew.

Doctor came to confirm what I already knew, he was sympathetic. I didn't cry.

5am, September 10th, lots of pain pills and sleep. I cried. He held me. I slept some more.

More pain pills.

Throw up from pain pills.

Call work, tell them what's up.

Rearrange the furniture downstairs so we can sleep/cuddle/cry.

Everyday since then, deal.

Dealing means crying, crying some more, talking, talking some more, and trudging through the mud of telling those we had told that the baby was gone. Crying to my parents, my sister, and mostly my husband.

Dealing with it means seeing baby announcements, sonograms, and pictures every day.

Dealing with it means trying to lose baby weight with nothing to show for it. I'm working at it, but it's not going away right now. 

I would be 6 months along right now.

I'm not looking for pity. I'm dealing.  I also promise that when the holidays are over, I'll post something so normal and happy, you'll wonder what in the world is going on.Today I'm dealing.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Woooooow. I'm pathetic. Or just really busy... It's been, once again, too long. I'm averaging like 3 blog posts a year. I swear I'll get better. I swear. 

This summer has been out of control for us. We've been everywhere it seems, and still in our trusty van. Which is starting to seem a little less trustworthy as the months go by. Here's the only photo of the van I could find. 
I feel like Sandy needs to be in all of my blog posts. That should do it.

 In June, Preston left me for a week. He went to my favorite place (California) to get spoiled by his parents. And I'm glad he had a blast and got to go to the new Cars Land at Disneyland. Let's just say he still owes me for that one. Haha. Pictures of his adventures:

That's our good friend, Doug. We love Doug. Preston got to hang out with Doug in Hollywood. Luckkkyyyyy!!!! Then he ate legit Filipino food. Again, luckkyyy!!! I'm glad he got to go though. I'm grateful whenever we get to spend time with our families.
 At the beginning of July, we drove to Boise for about a week. We had a blast with my family, and celebrated a million different things. Chelsea's birthday, my party day, my mom's birthday, and Blake's birthday. We also went up to say goodbye to this guy before he left for Basic Training for the Air Force.
That's my brother Dan on the left and his "wingman," which is what you call your bunk mate in the AF. Anyway, it was a tough goodbye. Dan and I have always been close, and this means I won't get to see him as much as usual. Man. Isn't he awesome? Ladies... haha. We had a blast during the Fourth, which included rafting, fireworks, and a sweet sunburn for the pasties like myself. The Saturday before we left, we went with my family up to the river to just play around and swim, and we all had a BLAST. And Preston ended up a mermaid. Not merman. Mermaid. See?

If you look closely you can see the leftover sunburn on my shoulders from a couple days before. Woof. But what an awesome time we had!
Isn't he adorable? Yes. He is. July passed in a flurry of awesome and heat and before school started, we went on a vacation to San Francisco with my family. We drove six hours the first night to get to Nevada where we met up with my family and drove the rest of the way the next day to CA. Six? Seven hours? I don't remember now. I'm blocking it mentally.  We camped outside of Santa Cruz at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Love those Redwoods. We got to go to SIX FLAGS! We had a blast and got to see way more of San Fran than I had ever planned! We went to the wax museum, the aquarium, we took a cruise underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz, we ate awesome seafood, and spent hours in Chinatown. WHAT A BLAST!!!! We tried going to the beach in Santa Cruz... mistake. Until Sunday when we went to the tidepools and they were AMAZING. Haha. And let's just say church out there in the boondocks was... educational. We don't regret going in the least. Here are pictures from that awesome adventure.

Those are in no kind of order.... but you get the idea. Those sunglasses Preston has on were a hit. Wherever he went, people wanted their picture with him. Typical.

 Well....After spending 5 days with my family, Preston and I left early the next morning to drive down to SoCal so we could spend the night with Preston's family before we made the final leg to Arizona. We had a blast and ate at my favorite, Joe's Crab Shack. Yes, every time I'm down there, I do indeed gain 10 pounds. Worth it. We went to bed full (to bursting), and woke up way too early to drive down to Arizona. Another 6 hours in the car. Kill me now. We hit some place called Blythe... What in the heck is Blythe??? Anyway, that was when the heat hit. We still had hours to drive, and we had to turn off the A/C because the van was overheating... Seriously, kill me now. We got to AZ and drove around for a heat-filled half hour before meeting with friends for lunch. At a place that was closed. I was near-tears at this point from the heat, and then we decided to go to the mall. Best decision of that entire trip. It was so nice and cold in there. And they had Orange Julius. Saved my life. We went to the rehearsal dinner for the friend's wedding that we were actually down there for (Josh, you will owe me for the rest of your life, probably), and ate good Mexican food. I feel like we're eating every second. Weird. We played some sand volleyball in the heat (midnight and it's 99 out? no thank you), I went to bed. That was how we spent the day of our first anniversary. Love you babe. He stayed up with the boys/bachelor party until like 4am. I feel no pity. We woke up, got ready for the sealing, and headed off to the temple. (sorry for the lack of pictures of this part. Preston's phone is where they're at, and he's at work as I write this. I get an iPhone tomorrow, so the one-sided owning of pictures is about to die.) Halfway to the temple, I check my wallet to make sure I've got my recommend. Got it. Preston starts looking around for his wallet... it's sitting on the bathroom counter back at the house where we stayed. Where his recommend is. Too late to turn around. He calls the temple to have them call our stake president so he can get permission to go in. It doesn't go through until the sealing has actually started... I could have sat out in the waiting room with my husband... nu uh. no way. This was the main reason we were there and there was no way I had suffered through that heat to sit it out. Sorry love. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Preston was happy to at least be in the pictures. The rest of the night was spent eating, talking, laughing, and posing for pictures. It was a beautiful wedding, and we are glad we can be supportive of our friends. Even our mission president and his wife showed up! When we were talking with them, they mentioned that Elder Shepherdson, one of Preston's good mission buddies was speaking the next morning in church. At 9. Preston, being the thoughtful, loving, caring person/friend that he is, wanted BADLY to make it to that homecoming talk. Our friend Vandy was riding home with us, and he wanted to go too, so they decided we'd leave right then, drive through the night, and then make it back the next morning for his talk. I slept the whole way. I don't even feel bad. They took turns driving and keeping each other awake, and by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I vowed to never go on "vacation" again. Which isn't true. But Preston did promise me we never had to go to Arizona again. A promise I will DEFINITELY hold him to. Last, but not least for this post, Preston's mom and stpedad came to visit us for Labor Day weekend. We had a blast with them, and once again, ate some more. We went bowling, and what the heck?? These guys were there!
I love me some Sandy Smith. And I'm so glad Tegyn was there too. Man. She pretty much fits in perfectly with us.
 We were then visited a couple weekends later by Preston's dad and stepmom, ate a lot more, went to Preston's best friend, Logan's wedding reception, and also got SPOILED OUT OF MY MIND by Preston's parents. While he went to work that Saturday, we went to RC Willey and got a brand new table and chairs for our very formal dining room and Sam's Club for an awesome gel mattress topper, new pillows, sheets, and luxurious throws!!! Oh MY!!! Spoiled indeed! THANK YOU!!!! (pictures en route.) We love all our parents to death!!! Well, this post is entirely too long, and I'm tired of writing. And I forgot to say we took family pictures when we were in Boise. We had soooo much fun with our photographer Tawni. She's the best!!! Here's what I could steal:

I obviously saved the best for last. While the summer was awesome, I glad and excited for fall to show some gorgeous colors. And yes, we did have a lot of fun. We had a lot of trials too, but somehow, we always seem to come out ok. We love you all.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catch up!

I can't believe how fast time has flown since the last post! The last time I wrote on here, Christmas had yet to happen... sheesh! That was back when Preston was still 21! haha. Well, we enjoyed a fantastic Christmas in Irvine. This is what we looked like on the Huntington Beach pier:
I don't think you'll find that same happiness on my face during Christmas in Utah. We had an AMAZING time visiting with family, eating our hearts out (my new favorite restaurant: Joe's Crab Shack... out of control), opening too many presents, and celebrating my 24th birthday. Gross. I don't enjoy getting older. I missed my family during that holiday, but they came down to Utah to visit us during New Year's, and we enjoyed showing off our house and making my mom play Kinect Adventures on the Xbox. January also deserves another mention. Our first Filipino party. HOLY SUCCESS!!!! We had 21 people over at our tiny house all enjoying Filipino food, games, friends, and SO MUCH FUN! We love our mission friends, and couldn't imagine life without that amazing chapter in our lives. Look at all the fun we had:

And yes, Sandy came back into our lives. We LOOOOOOVE when she comes to visit! And yes, I think I surround myself by beautiful people to give me goals to reach for. Haha. In the beginning of February, our friend Vandy came to visit for the weekend and we all went to a sweet dance at a laser tag joint. Mace came with, and we had a blast dancing our heart out to ridiculous music!

Good times. Valentine's Day needs a big post. Because it was a big deal. Preston and I decided that every other year, we'd switch off being in charge of Feb. 14th. He got to start because, as I forgot to mention earlier,  when February started, I started working 40 hours a week. So I didn't have time to put anything together. He made me breakfast in bed, and sent me off to work. He came to take me to lunch, and he was all dressed up and lookin SEXY! He brought me roses and candy for my coworkers, who all said he was a keeper. Good thing we're married forever. When he picked me up from work, it started to sprinkle. He told me I couldn't come in yet, so I stood there in the FREEZING rain for a good 2 minutes before he let me come in. It was well worth it, because the spread in front of me was PERFECT. He had made dinner, and set it all up on a blanket in our living room. There was a balloon, presents, and sparkling cider. I felt like a princess! We ate our chicken fettuccine alfredo, and then I got to open presents! He had gotten me a set of Bath & Body Works body wash, lotion, and body spray, and Zumba Rush for the Xbox! I was in HEAVEN! We finished the See's candies he'd given to me earlier in the day, and headed out to go to a movie. We saw Lady in Black, and got scared out of our wits! What a great scary movie! We ran out of gas right before we got there, so we had to jog to the movie and take care of the gas afterward, but a more memorable Valentine's Day has yet to happen in my life. Yes, I'm spoiled. And yes, I love my husband with all my heart. He is perfect for me, and knows me better than anyone in the world.
February brought more visits from Sandy, and more double dates with her and her now-boyfriend, Doug. We love Doug. We love Doug and Sandy. I love my best girlfriend coming to visit me so often! She built this guy on our neighbors' lawn:
Hey Sandy, do you know if Doug has seen this picture yet???:

 We even visited the local Nickelcade and got mustaches!!!
I sometimes feel like we have too much fun. Is that bad? This gets us into March. The first weekend, we went to my parents' house in Boise. We had a blast playing with my siblings, got to see my brother's quartet again. They're amazing. We also got to watch my cousin's high school basketball team take state, so that was SO fun!! We also had a party for all the boys. Except Rex. Haha. Dan's birthday is the 24th of February, Preston's is the 8th of March, and my dad's is the 13th. So with us all together, we got to exchange presents. It was fun, and Preston scored with some great new shoes, socks, and an amazing tie. At the end of the weekend, we loaded up the van again, and Preston drove the whole way home. Then I had to think some more about Preston's birthday. I knew I had my work cut out for me, because in Preston's family, birthdays are a HUGE deal. And I want to keep that tradition alive in our family, so the day of his birthday, I did nothing. Yes. Nothing. Okay, I made him breakfast in bed. We got sushi after I got off work. Sushi is just about our favorite thing ever in the world. So that was good. And I felt terrible. But little did my sweet and thoughtful husband know that I had already planned a surprise party for the next day. This was intense, and could not have been accomplished without amazing friends to be diversions and facebook. Our good friends, Park and Mace took him skiing. All day. Perfect. So while he thought he was planning his own "little get-together" and thinking I didn't really care about his big day, friends were gathering at our house. And he almost died when he opened the door and the lights came on. It couldn't have been more perfect. We went to Red Robin and ate delicious food, then came home and played games. Once again, our house was stuffed, and we enjoyed our friends. We really have amazing friends.
I felt like all the hard work was worth it when Preston told me it was one of the best birthday parties he'd ever had. This brings us to last weekend. Sandy was in town again, so we decided to do a double lunch date to Tucanos. We had a hilarious waiter who made fun of Sandy the whole time, so naturally we all had a blast. As you can see:
That night, there was a St. Patrick's Day dance in Lindon in this CASTLE. It was amazing, and we danced our hearts out, with Mace and Chantel joining the party.
OH we had so much fun! We were exhausted when it was over, but Preston, Chantel, Mace and I ended up (somehow?) at this haunted church. I wasn't going to set foot in there, so Preston stayed outside with me. Mace and Chantel went inside and ended up coming out alive. Go figure.

SO. What we learn from this massive post is that Preston and I have the best life ever, and the best people in the world as our friends. Until our next adventure (later tonight, I believe), we love you all!!!

Becky & Preston Trebas